Trees by Artist Ronda Richley

“I am a Tree Hugger. This is in every sense of the word. I see trees differently and give them human characteristics. Call them Dryads, call them figures or spirits…they become what you want to discover there.  Each of my paintings is a story being told, and YOU are to find the ending. So take a closer look and discover what may or may not be there. –Ronda

Artist Ronda Richley is known as “The Tree Lady” for her figurative trees.

Trees take on their own life for her. She paints human form mirrored in the branches. Free spirits, lovers, dancers, well-groundedness and happiness are all personified by her trees from their roots beneath the soil to the tips of their outreached branches.

Sometimes the figures within the trees are very obvious and other times they are hidden for you to discover in your exploration. As each painting is the beginning of a story about relationships, spirituality or our journeys through life, you, the reader, are free to create the ending to it you would like.

Her tree art connects with where you are in your life, where you want to go or where you have been. Ronda Richley’s tree art is well-received and treasured. Many artists have been inspired by her art and have attempted to recreate the feeling and mood, but have not succeeded. Her art is unique, expressive, loaded with a passionate texture, and filled with a message from her heart.

To get acquainted with her trees and see all the available art, please click here.


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