Painting Portfolio

Ronda Richley has been a producing artist throughout her lifetime and her art has evolved into what it is today over a period of time. Each subject matter and/or style she has created is here, in her portfolio of art. This is where you will find a sampling of the best of the ages.

Get acquainted with a tree.

Well-known for putting figures in her trees, many have said she paints Dryads, from Greek mythology. Maybe that is what they are. But that is how she sees trees and nature. Once you see her art you will never look at a tree the same way. Each of her trees tells part of a story leaving YOU, the viewer, to finish it. Your journey on getting to know these trees begins here.

For her stories of her trees, please see her book, “The Life within the Trees.”

Feel her passion.

Ronda has been painting hearts for years and over 300 of them are in private collections. Painting with passion using a palette knife with her energy and expressive style, each heart brings a message to the viewer.

Let the music move you.

The artist always has music playing in her studio. She loves Rock ‘n Roll, and the Blues. Music inspires her in many ways. In fact, when she was young, she played lead guitar in a band, fiddled around with playing the violin, fiddle, and banjo and now you can find her “beating the skins” on her drums.

Ceramic Portfolio

Take a trip to the Garden of Eden.

This series of ceramics is inspired by the temptation you find in Eden. All of the pieces are created in terracotta clay, hand-built with slabs and coils with no two being alike.

Retired Portfolio: Sometimes a style has to be retired.

For many artists, as they create a series of work, it evolves into something else, therefore, the original series naturally retires. Here are some of the best of the retired series. If you are interested in acquiring any of them, please email the artist as they are not in the Shop on line.

There has to be something about that red wine.

Painted for fun and as a diversion from her more serious works, this little series is about relationships and perhaps, a lot of red wine to influence the mood.

There is spirit beyond the ritual.

These are enormous paintings and each are approximately 64″ x 96″.


It is all about the journey.

Hand made printing plates made from collage materials are then cured and hand painted. A single print is pulled off each individual coloring of the plate. That is what a collagraph is. Then Ronda adds an additional twist: she tears and recollages the prints into a dimensional work of art.


A new definition of Pop Art.

Ronda used her common objects around her art studio as subjects for these drawings. Minimal style of Pop Art. Many of these are available as Limited Edition prints.

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