Music by Artist Ronda Richley

“My inspiration comes from the emotional content I receive through my senses. Music, especially jazz, blues, old time rock and roll infiltrate through my ears and pores of my very soul. Painting with passion is my intent and goal and to translate that passion onto my canvas and then onto you.” –Ronda

Artist Ronda Richley’s music art series is inspired by her musical background, as well as what she hears. In the past she was in an all girl’s band called “Fate’s Daughters” where she played the lead guitar. Throughout her life she has also played the piano, long neck banjo, and the fiddle. Today, you can find her “pounding on the skins” as she plays the drums for her own enjoyment. When asked if she was musically talented as well, she replies, “I was terrible, but had a lot of fun doing it. And the drums? Let’s just say that was on my bucket list!”

For her music inspired art, click here.


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