Hearts by Artist Ronda Richley

“I paint with a heart-felt passion. My passionate nature can be seen in the gutsy textural paint that I slather on with the palette knife, and the messages I write to you, the viewer, that are cut into the paint. All my heart paintings are inspired by my deeply-rooted emotions and hopefully will connect with you.” –Ronda

Hearts are an all-time favorite abstract symbol, representing love, friendship and relationships.

Artist Ronda Richley has painted and sold more than three hundred hearts just in the last ten years.

Her hearts can be found in collections across the United States and abroad. The hearts range in size from 6″x 6″ to 48″x 48″ canvases in a range of colors to suit any decor. Her hearts have been used for engagement gifts, wedding gifts, to say I am sorry or just to say I love you.

To see her available original heart paintings, please click here.


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