Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is a Giclee Print?

Our giclee prints are professionally produced by our printmaker on Epson Archival Matte paper with a unique photorealistic “faux” mat border. They are produced photomechanically using high resolution digital images of the original art. Each print is on 11″x14″ paper with the image size approximately 7″ wide. The 11″x 14″ format allows easy and affordable framing in a ready-made frame (not included). Shipping within the United States is included in our price.

What is a Limited Edition Print?

Our Limited edition prints are professionally produced by our print supplier on 100% cotton rag cold press textured heavy weight paper. They are offered in two difference sizes, each its own numbered run. Our larger format prints are centered on 24″ by 24 to 31″ paper with the images being approximately 9″ smaller than the dimension of the paper, allowing your framer to trim the paper as necessary for the final presentation you desire. The smaller format prints are on 14″ by 18″ or more paper with a generous white border. Each print is individually numbered and signed by the artist in pencil. The two different limited edition size runs are of 50 or of 100, depending upon the size, subject matter, and selling price of the original work of art. There will be no more when we have sold through the run and no reprints. Each Limited Edition Print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.  Shipping within the United States is included in our price.

Should I Purchase a Limited Edition or a Giclee Print?

It is completely up to you. Limited edition prints are signed and limited as to how many are produced. Giclees are unsigned and not limited. The Giclees are smaller and fit into ready-made frames. The Limited Editions are larger and make more of a decorating statement and require matting and framing. The lower the number of the edition, the more value that is perceived.

What does it mean that the painting is on Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

Gallery wrapped canvas is canvas that is stretched over stretcher bars that are thicker than standard profile stretched canvas. Gallery wrapped canvases are usually 1-3/8 to 1-1/2″ thick and, when “wrapped,” have the sides or edges painted. These canvases are much higher quality than traditional profile canvas. Traditional profile canvas is 3/4″ thick and it is recommended to have art on these canvases professionally framed. Gallery profile (or wrapped) canvas is wrapped when it is painted on the edges so that you have the option, as in a contemporary setting, of NOT framing the art, or if you are traditional, framing is still an option.

Do You Offer a Delivery and Hanging Service for your Original Works of Art?

Yes, we offer delivery and will even hang the art in your home, office or commercial space, but only within 100 miles of our Orlando location. This service is available for our ORIGINAL art work only and does not apply to Limited Editions, Giclees or Three Dimensional art. Price varies by work of art and destination.

What does it mean by Original Art?

Original art is a one of a kind creation, be it a painting, collagraph, copper work, drawing or ceramic piece. It is different from a giclee or a limited edition print which are considered reproductions because they are produced from images of the original art, and many of them exactly like it are produced. Original art is considered to be much more valuable and collectible than a reproduction.

Can I see the original art before I complete my purchase?

Yes, there is a way but you must know that our original pieces of art are final sales. If you are unsure of what you want, and we cannot arrange a preview as below, we recommend ordering a print instead.

If you are near a reputable gallery and if the gallery will agree to it, we will gladly send the original work of art to the gallery (see size restrictions above) for your final approval. We require a 50% deposit on the work to facilitate this. If you decide you do not want the work of art, we will deduct shipping to and from the gallery, any fees the gallery charges as their service and for any damages to the piece from your deposit. Once we have received the piece back to the studio and inspected it, we will issue a refund for the difference.

Do you offer financing or layaway?

We offer layaway on artwork $500 or over but at this time do not offer financing. Our layaway is for three to six months with you making regular monthly payments. When all payments are complete, the art is yours!

Can you create a piece of art just for me?

Yes, this is called a commission. An original piece of art will be created from your photographs, ideas, decorative styles and more, to go in a particular part of your home or as a gift you wish to give someone. In inquiring about a commissioned piece, please fill out the contact form with details. Once an agreement is made, there is a 50% deposit before the work begins. You will be sent photos via email of all the in progress stages for approval, assuring you of loving your piece. A commissioned piece is neither returnable nor refundable as it is created just for you.

Do you lease your art?

Sometimes we lease our art to commercial venues or for staging a house for sale by a licensed realtor or decorator. Our lease rate is 5% of the value of the art per month, with a 3 month commitment which is paid upfront when the lease begins. Shipping and tax, if applicable, are added in as well. We do a credit check, and if approved, you must provide us with a valid credit card or debit card that we will use should the lease go beyond the three months, paintings are damaged or other situations. You must provide insurance for the art with a recognized insurance carrier and name us beneficiary.

Who owns the copyright?

Artist Ronda Richley retains the copyright on all artwork. You cannot reproduce it, use it on websites, any printed or digital material, or other uses. You cannot use it as a greeting card, make copies to give to friends or any other form of reproduction. This is standard for all artists in the United States. If you wish to use it in some manner, please write to us with your request and details of how and we will let you know if it is available in that manner and if there would be a charge for it.

Why? Ronda Richley has her art licensed on many products and if you use her art in any other manner you may be violating her contract with other companies, as well as violate the US Copyright law.

More questions?

Anything we have not answered here, we will happily answer via email. Many of our collectors’ inquiries will also be posted here.