Commissions are unique pieces of art created just for you!

Many of Ronda Richley’s collectors have wanted a special piece of art in memory of a wonderful vacation, favorite pet, wedding, anniversary, birthday or to complement the decor in their home or office. Below are some of the commissions she has created.


Garden of the Gods,” 48″x36″ acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, in a home in College Park, FL

Created from a vacation photo taken with a cellphone and text messaged to the artist.

dog portrait of sheltie

Just for Porsha 24×24″ pet portrait in a home in the Netherlands

Beloved pet passed away and the collector wanted a portrait of her. Created from an emailed low resolution animated photo.

beach scene with palm trees

“They are having a wedding on the beach and I need a painting for a wedding gift.”

ronda1Would you like to commission a piece? Contact the artist directly at 407-466-6365 or fill out an email request!